The Lido Beach is acquired by Asniano Tiberi in the early ’70s, the facility consisted of umbrellas and chairs in wood with 30 wooden cabins are typical of those years. In 1977, following a violent storm the factory was completely destroyed, rebuilt in concrete trefabbricato, the beach is substantially amended, Asniano first, as a true pioneer of the bathing “invented” the raffia palm, we’re halfway through the years’ 80 meanwhile, Fabio and growing shoulder to shoulder on a daily basis alongside Asniano absorbing all the “tricks” of the trade of balneatore. In 1990 he built a small kiosk, then in a few years, stimulated by Asniano, Fabio learns the art of small pizza slices, following the huge success of the “small pizza,” in 2003 Fabio designing the expansion of the Lido exactly it is now taking up the initial characteristics of the Lido. In 2007 he built with only natural elements, ie wood floors and walkways for the current Lido, characterized in wood painted white, which is absolutely innovative for the coast from Pescara. Since 2007 the Lido Beach is renewed yearly becoming one of the most popular beaches in the city.